Tahnna'Whanna Sector Wikia

Greetings, User! This tutorial is designed to help you post articles to the OPX Wiki. We will use posting your character's biography as the example but the same steps are used to post anything on the Wiki.

So, that means you'll want to have your bio handy. If you haven't written one, take this opportunity to do so (and remember to post it to the appropriate USF board!) and keep it handy. Any text editor should work (Word, NotePad, etc.) just make sure to have it readily at your disposal.

First, go to http://tahnnawhanna-sector.wikia.com/wiki/Outpost_Phoenix_Roster. (Keep in mind this is only for the biography; for other entries, select the appropriate page.)

If you haven’t do so already, register for an account. You’ll need this each time you want to make changes to your character. Click the “My Account” button and select the option to Create an Account, then follow the instructions. Once you’ve verified your account, scroll down through the roster and find your character’s name.  If your character’s name appears in red, this is a placeholder link until you build the page; your character’s name in blue means that a page has been created.

To get started, click on a character’s name (red link). This will pull up a dialog box informing you that that page doesn’t exist. At the bottom of the dialog box, you have two options: Cancel or Add a Page. You’ll want to click on the Add a Page link. 

Once  you’ve clicked through (using your character’s link), an editing function box will appear. This is where you will enter your character’s information. I simply copy and pasted my Bio from sector001.com but if you want, you can use the editing box to create a new bio here. Whichever method you use, take the time to pay attention to the details as well as the formatting. You may need to repeat this editing step several times to get everything "just so".

Note also the buttons on the editing box. These will allow you to both format your page as well as add content like pictures or videos. When you’ve completed your editing, click the “Save Page” button. This will also allow you to view the changes and editing that you’ve done.

And that's all there is to editing a Wiki entry. Hope to see yours soon!

PS: I forgot to mention the last dialog box. After you click the "Save Page" button near the top of the Editing box, you'll be prompted to describe what changes you've made to the entry. I use this function as it lets me track the changes I've made. For example, if I wanted to revert to a previous design or even wording, this option would help me do that...providing I've logged my changes.