=/\= Begin Log =/\= 

Executive Officer's Personal Log 201801.01 

We're limping the Lexington back to OPX and working on what repairs we can while under way. I've pretty much given Behr control of Operations for the time as I'm consumed in Engineering. With Lieutenant Simpson on LOA and having a brand new Ensign assigned to the department, I feel a more experienced hand is needed. I don't doubt Ensign Mazzi's abilities but I also don't feel ready to make an Ensign the department head. 

My biggest chore, besides the repair of the Lex, at the moment is finishing an accurate report of our time with the Lolthene. Captain….sorry….Fleet Captain Arzie is facing pressure from Sector Command regarding our entire experience there and I have a bad feeling about this whole affair.  I know this is going to sound paranoid, but…. 

I got word from some friends that Lieutenant Forster is assigned to Sector JAG and she still holds me responsible for her husband's expulsion from the Academy, regardless of the facts and regardless of the finding of the inquiry. Those same friends also warned me that she pulled strings to be assigned to this sector. I'll have to brief Arzie about this. It doesn't bode well for OPX or me. 

=/\= End Log =/\= 

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