=/\= Begin Log =/\=  

After the attack on OPX by the cephalopod creature, I've focused much of my efforts on salvaging the Lex. She's pretty beat up; the starboard nacelle was torn off, both the rear landing gear struts collapsed and the front gear sheared off at the foot. There was quite a bit of surface damage but we lucked out. Though she was tossed and beaten, the Lex didn't sustain any structural damage.  

The Hangar and Flight Ops office were obliterated by the tentacle attack as well.  

::audible exhale::  

We have an SCE ship due here in about 2 weeks to rebuild the Hangar; until then, the Engineering crews will just have to endure the elements.  

I have to wonder, though: how did our biological surveys and those of the expeditions before miss something that large being on this planet? Has it lain dormant all this time and something woke it? Are there more?  

As a side note, I'm going to be going over the Weapons Employment Protocols for the temporary structure. It took far too long for us to charge and ready the weapons. While I feel sure that the current systems could have managed the "tim'rous beastie", they do us no good if we can't get them into action quicker.  

=/\= End Log =/\=  

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