Tahnna'Whanna Sector Wikia

Personal Log 

Stardate: 201406.05 

Begin Transmission 

“I have made no more progress with the chips. The protein resequencing subroutine has become stymied and I don’t want to risk any potential cross-contamination with the ship. I thought that maybe I’d be able to extract some nugget of data from one of them that Commander Ramirez and I could lay at the Captain’s feet, a sort of smoking gun as it were. But, no such luck; given enough computing power and the right minds to do this, one could reconstruct the data and then decrypt it. However, I’m not Starfleet Intelligence…no matter who I’m working for right now.  

I’m due back on duty in about an hour or so; we’ll be docking with King’s Cross Station and Mister Aquila wants ‘all hands on deck’. I’ll be glad when this mission is done and I’m able to get back to OPX. I’m so weary of being someone I’m not. But I know that the slightest slip could be disastrous for me and my shipmates. So, I keep pretending to be Niko Yurkov. 

Being that I’m assigned as the Tactical officer, I took the opportunity to assess our personal weapons situation. Let me say this: it’s bleak. I found a few Romulan and Klingon disruptors that work and several older Type 1 Starfleet 'cricket' phasers that also function. There’s a motley assortment of bladed weapons; some have discernable edges and some don’t. NOTE TO SELF: thank our SI case officer for the stellar prep work on the ship.” 

End Transmission