Personal Log  

Stardate 20140505 

Begin Transmission 

“My assignment to the El Camino mission has, temporarily, delayed my reporting to Commander Ramirez my findings from the burned out isolinear chips. On the positive side, I’ve brought a set of cloned chips and the combo decryption program with me from OPX. In what spare time I have, I have been working on recreating the data. I’ve given up if only temporarily, decrypting the remainder of the data on the chips and have focused solely on the burned out spots. The protein resequencing subroutine has helped in this area but none of the PADDs that I have access to have enough computing power to resequence more than a few digits at a time. In this, my task would be made simpler if only I could tie into one of OPX’s Engineering computers. I’d have thousands of line of data in the same amount of time but I worry about somehow infecting OPX’s computers and re-triggering ‘The Events’. 

As for the El Camino, how this ship, generous use of the term, has managed to do more than explode and take its crew with it is beyond me. Today, I began my day by attempting to force three shield generators to communicate with one another. Not that daring or hard, I give you but considering that all three are foreign to one another, communication is a huge part of getting the shields to stay up on El Camino. After that, I inventoried the ‘weapons locker’ and found that we have several Starfleet issue Type 1 “Cricket” phasers from Kirk’s era, several each Klingon and Romulan disrupters and a random assortment of bladed weapons. 

If we don’t die because our cover is blown, we will surely die in combat if we have to depend on these weapons. 


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