Personal Log 

Stardate: 2014040.22 


I’ve been working as much as I can on these chips. I took the liberty of contacting a friend of mine from the Academy to borrow a data decryption algorithm that he wrote. He suggested combining his algorithm with a protein re-sequencing subroutine from the replicators in order to reconstitute the data on the burned out spot. This yielded some interesting results: I’ve extrapolated some 23% of the data from the burned area. However, the data is encrypted on multiple levels and appears to be in a language I’m not familiar with. I’ve resisted the urge to run it through the central database translator for fear that I’ll be discovered before I can explain my situation to Commander Ramirez. For that reason, I’m going to go to him later this week and turn over everything I have found. Hopefully, this will be seen as a worthwhile contribution not a laundry list of charges for a Court Martial. 

In other news, I used my free time today to try out the new recurve that I carved. I set the target at 50 meters and made sure to use the arrows that Ichiro-san had made for me. 

-Personal note: Set up weekly letter to Ichiro and Shinobu as well as a bi-weekly call. 

No matter what I did, I couldn’t get the point of impact to reflect the point of aim. I adjusted my aim, the camber of my grip…I even took the field points off the arrows and burnished them with a piece of nanocloth. But none of it made a difference. Finally, when I reached my frustration point, I unstrung the recurve and took it back to my quarters. I noticed some of the…’interested’ looks I garnered as I walked into the Junior Officer’s Quarters carrying my recurve and wearing a quiver full of arrows. I retrieved my commercially produced English longbow replica and returned to the impromptu range I’d set up. By this time, I had begun to suspect that I’d carved the risers wrong. Three arrows from the Longbow and I knew for sure that the recurve was warped. I took my time and enjoyed the rest of the quiver before I packed my arrows, the Longbow and the target back up and headed back to my quarters. I hope to have some time to work on the recurve but if these first few weeks are any indicator, I’ll be very busy in the foreseeable future. 


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