Tahnna'Whanna Sector Wikia

Personal Log 

Stardate 20140403.12 


Five days ago, I was assigned to a Work Party that was led by Lieutenant Commander Ramirez.  My first responsibility was to restore several of the large display screens to working order in the Command building. In doing this, I found that several of the display systems’ isolinear chips were burned out. I had intended to simply replace them but Commander Ramirez instructed me to scan each of the burned out chips for abnormalities. After several attempts, I was able to properly recalibrate my tricorder and find the abnormalities that Commander Ramirez was looking for. Embedded in the display subroutine was an extra code series; it is no coincidence that this is where the chips physically burned out. I eventually restored the screens. I reported to Commander Ramirez that I hadn’t found any other abnormal chips but the truth of the matter is I kept two. Not for some nefarious purpose or scheme but to try and recreate whatever was burned off of them. I don’t know what was on these chips. I suspect that the code or images or data is somehow linked to ‘the events’. If Commander Ramirez’s reaction to the chips is any indicator, the missing pieces should bring some light to many of the questions making their rounds here at OPX.