Tahnna'Whanna Sector Wikia

Personal Log        Stardate:20140327 1530.00 


I have arrived at my first post, Outpost Phoenix on Bersalis III, and my first day was not what anyone would have expected. First, I had to ride a shuttle down to the surface because the Captain of OPX had ordered the Transports shut down. It seems the planet’s magnetic fields were unstable because the planet’s rotation was slowing. During the ride down, the shuttle pilot had to fight increasingly unstable winds as a storm system began producing several funnel clouds. 

Once on the ground, I had to fight to make it from the shuttle pad, behind Operations, to Engineering only to find it abandoned. I grabbed a toolkit and a tool belt that I found lying draped across a console and continued moving through the building. I found a building plan schematic and followed it to a subterranean shelter. After a few moments, I was able to override and shunt several security subroutines and break a quarantine lock-down on the shelter. Inside, I found the Chief Engineer engrossed in several tasks. He was trying to reestablish communications with the undersea research facilities while simultaneously attempting to restore power to the complex. Add to this the daunting task of jump-starting Bersalis III’s core and you’ll understand how busy the man was. I offered my assistance with the communications problem and was working to restore comms with the research facility. Before I could establish contact, a power surge from who-knows-where blew up several consoles in the room, including the one I was working at. I picked myself up off the floor and moved to an undamaged console to continue working. I asked Lieutenant Commander Ramirez if I should repair the console I had been working at or move to a new but received no response. Instead, he shouted something about being out of the loop, tossed his comm badge onto the console, grabbed his personal tool belt and exited the bunker. I didn’t see him again after that. 

Not knowing what to do, I began repairing one of the consoles. I was able to monitor the power transfer and alert the Captain once it commenced. Of course, she authorized the transfer and knew all about it. So, yeah…I’ve got that going for me. I can already hear it: Ensign Obvious. I’ve tried to keep busy with anything to keep my mind off that blunder. Good thing there’s plenty to be done.