USS Lothlorien NCC-514251Edit

USS Lothlorien NCC-514251-AEdit

The USS Lothlorien-A was a Nebula-class vessel launched on Stardate 19609.06 under Captain Sean Astro. The ship was crippled by pirates and crashlanded on Cook V on Stardate 199906.25 under the command of Captain Quint Kivo. The crew was temporarily reassigned to the USS Trailblazer, until the USS Lothlorien-B was launched on Stardate 19910.01, still under the command of Captain Kivo.

USS Lothlorien NCC-514251-BEdit

Shortly after, Commander John Styre was promoted to Captain, and went on to serve as Commanding Officer for nearly six years. On Stardate 200608.04, the now Rear Admiral Styre destroyed the Lothlorien-B in order to save Earth.

USS Lothlorien NCC-514251-CEdit

Construction on the Lothlorien-C was completed on Stardate 200608.11, under the command of Captain T'Zal, who remained Commanding Officer until his retirement, on SD 200709.19.

Following T'Zal's retirement, Rear Admiral Styre returned to the Lothlorien once again to serve as Commanding Officer.

On Stardate 200901.09, Rear Admiral Styre stepped down from, and per new orders from Starfleet Command, Fleet Captain Shane Booker replaced him as Commanding Officer. The Lothlorien was deployed to an area of space referred to as 'The Dark Pocket.' Due an asteroid impact following severe battle damage the Lothlorien was destroyed on Stardate 201008.13

USS Lothlorien NCC-514251-DEdit

An Intrepid class starship, having just completed its refit was recommissioned as the Lothlorien-D. Its current mission is to continue exploring The Dark Pocket and be the forefront of Federation expansions in those sectors it is commanded by Captain Cay'Leb Crain. It was decommissioned on Stardate 201802.10.

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