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A Message From Commodore Kaveh Arzie

Despite what some people might say, yes we are currently simming. You may find our current wiki and website here

We severed ties with the United Space Federation in November 2019. A USF player had come in and began harassing Players and Hosts on our Discord server. When he was banned from the OPX server, another member of the Host staff who has become close to him picked up where he left off, accused my XO and I of all sorts of behaviours, and continued harassing Outpost Phoenix players. The United Space Federation Executive Board would not step in, so I, along with my XO and Crew, decided unanimously to leave the organization. As of the writing of this message, both harassers are on the Executive Board, and the USF refuses to give up the Outpost Phoenix name, or recognize that it does not own the rights to use Tahnna'Whanna IV or the Tahnna'Whanna System.

We invite all potential players to come to visit our new wiki and join us if interested.

Welcome to the Tahnna'Whanna Sector![]

Welcome to OPX! Outpost Phoenix is a realtime, chat-based Star Trek role-playing sim that meets on Discord every Sunday at 2000UTC/1500EST/1200 PST. We are an active, non-affiliated, live sim group that has been active since 2000. We have openings in every department. We have openings in every department. If you're interested in joining please email USFArzie@gmail.com, or come to visit our new wiki!

Outpost Phoenix[]

Outpost Phoenix's mission is to provide safety and security to the Tahnna'Whana Star System, to make first contact and bring trade opportunities in and near the Tahnna'Whanna Sector within easier reach of the United Space Federation, expand the Federation's scientific and cultural knowledge, and to provide the most exciting Star Trek Roleplay experience available. Welcome to Outpost Phoenix!

Standing Orders[]

A list of Standing Orders has been published for the convenience of the crew.


OPX Simming Tutorial

OPX Wiki Publishing Tutorial

'When Will I Get Promoted?'


In the course of developing OPX and the Tahnna'Wahanna Sector, we've all come across interesting and useful resources. The repository for those helpful links can be found here.

Latest activity[]

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