Tahnna'Whanna IV is the fourth planet in the Tahnna'Whanna Star System.

Statistics[edit | edit source]

Class: M

Satellites: Two moons

Year/Day: 171 Days/1.29 Days (31 Hours)

Atmosphere: 76% Nitrogen, 24% Oxygen, 9% Carbon Dioxide, 1% Trace Elements

Average Temperature: 21.2 C

Hydrosphere: 74%

Gravity: 1.09

Orbital Structures: Network of communications, navigation, and observation satellites.

Ship Facilities: Simple Landing Field

History[edit | edit source]

The Tahnna'Whanna System was first explored on Stardate 200612.04 by USS Hine-Tu-Whenua on a scientific mission to observe the Galactic Barrier.

On 201204.23, USS L'Sek was directed to perform a survey of the Tahnna'Whanna System with focus on the Class-M fourth planet. USS L'Sek completed it's mission on Stardate 201210.25 and returned to Federation space.

Over the next three years, Starfleet Command debated extending its communication and deep space exploration network. On Stardate 201509.21, construction of a Starfleet Outpost on Tahnna'Whanna IV was approved. On Stardate 201603.01. construction was begun on the outpost.

Captain Kaveh Arzie took command of Outpost Phoenix on Stardate 201609.29, just prior to it's commissioning.

- Mushrooms

- Binyans

- DeCernay

- Rizlow/Koans

- Mitaru


- Ruins

- Maskawk-Lothlorien

Places of Interest[edit | edit source]

Outpost Phoenix

Flora[edit | edit source]

Blue Mardill

Fauna[edit | edit source]

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