Captain's Log

Captain Kaveh Arzie

Outpost Phoenix

Stardate: 201807.20


It’s been a hectic week, returning to Tahnna'Whanna IV following the ‘misadventure’ Ishae and I had on our way back from the Galactic Barrier. For starters, Starfleet has determined that with the neighbours we’ve encountered, we’ve warranted a Proteus-class facility in orbit. Although its primary function will be to serve as an anchorage for larger freighters and Starfleet vessels visiting the system, it’s also nice to have the added fire power nearby if the Baal Vaar or the Solka Het or whomever get. . . antsy.

The enormous orbital structure Ishae and I found over Wierlee II is in place over Tahnna'Whanna IX. Whatever it is, it produces a lot of power, but most of its systems are inoperable. I’ve had Commander Masterson set up Engineering teams to start repairs as much as possible.

There have also been some personnel shifts while I was away. Lieutenants Vasari and Mazzi received new orders roughly three weeks ago reassigning them. Meanwhile, Lieutenants Behr and Vocke also received new orders and shipped out a week-and-a-half ago. Their shuttle has disappeared en route to Starbase 521 and has since been marked overdue. At present, Lieutenants Behr and Vocke are Missing In Action. Meanwhile, there is another interesting item of note on the agenda. Orbital satellites have detected what may be the remains of a previously unknown ancient complex on one of the Southern continents. I’m putting together an Away Team to investigate it.