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Standing Orders are set by officers within a chain-of-command. A standing order may be put in place for the duration of a mission, or in may be permanent aboard or starship or fixed-facility. Upon assuming a new posting, officers and enlisted personnel are expected to learn the current standing orders in force.

Standing orders do not apply to visitors specifically, although they may concern them.

In many situations, the violation of a standing order results in a minor disciplinary action. Even so, standing orders are an important part of the command process and should be followed at all times.

Outpost Phoenix Standing Orders[]

1.) All Starfleet personnel will confine their choices of weaponry to Starfleet issued weapons only. This exclusion includes but is not limited to: Klingon bladed weapons (such as the bat'leth, the mek'leth or the d'k tahg), Andorian weapons (such as the ushaan-tor), Vulcan weapons (such as the ahn-woon or lirpa) and includes all non-Starfleet weapons Terran in nature.

These weapons are not to be considered contraband. OPX Command understands the cultural significance that these weapons represent and wish not to interfere in cultural displays or rituals. However, as stated, these weapons are not to be considered as duty weapons.

Any Starfleet personnel found using these weapons in the active defense of Starfleet personnel or the Outpost will be subject to punishments IAW all applicable Starfleet rules and regulations.

2.) Unless authorized, the Commanding Officer and Executive Officer are the only personnel authorized to enter sim commands.

3.) Attendance Policy

4.) Unless you are otherwise told, your character does not know any information regarding this mission until explicitly told.  Please be respectful of the storyline and the chain of command, and have your character act accordingly.

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