Sorell Baines

Pronouns They/HeAssignment Xenoarcheologist (Science) Rank Ensign Species Romulan Age Young, about 20 Friends (NPC) Aliyah Swanton, Hans Swanton, T'zo Gai Sonak, Isa Joshi Orientation Aro/Ace Languages Rhiannsu, English, Federation Standard Hobbies Hiking, Poetry, Video Games, Practical Jokes, Given Name Sorell i-Baratan tr'Faern

Personality Edit

Nervous, but endlessly curious. He gets irritable, and sometimes reckless when stressed, but trying to get better. They approach others with an open mind, and they greatly value their anthropology training. He's very forgiving. He isn't very charismatic, many people find his nervousness, questions, sense of humor, and fondness for Rhiannsu swear words annoying, but because of that they are extremely loyal to their friends. He cares about other peoples opinions of him, but wishes he didn't. At times, he can be willfully ignorant about other peoples opinions. Tries to stay positive, but not good at that when he's out of his element. He loves nature, and the arts.

Pre-Academy Life Edit

Sorell was born on Romulus, to Commander Vrak, a member of the Tal Shiar.

Vrak later had a change of heart while spying on the Federation, and shortly after Eisn went supernova, she defected, faking her death and taking Sorell with her to Earth. She made a chaotic entrance, stealing a vintage D'Deridex and crashing it into the Pacific Ocean. She attempted to settle in the woods of British Colombia, in the Rocky Mountains, since the moss and overcast weather reminded her of home, and she appreciated the privacy the tall evergreens provided. Later, she married a human, Joseph Baines. Sorell has always had a poor relationship with their mother, finding her too busy, too distant, too pushy, and far, far too paranoid. Their relationship with their stepfather was much healthier.

Sorell had a hard time making friends as a child. He rarely even saw other people, because their home was so physically isolated, and his general social awkwardness, and Romulan heritage didn't help. One classmate bullied them, giving them the nickname "the Tall Shiar",

This got deep under their skin, and they started making efforts to look more human, such as wearing a beanie and dying their hair black. They did befriend Isa Joshi, their neighbor, who enjoyed watching the night sky through telescopes, and kept in contact with them throughout his life.

Sorell frequently enjoyed hiking, camping, and foraging in the woodlands surrounding their home, and it gave them a strong appreciation for nature. They even wrote poetry about it, but they never showed it to anyone.

They first gained an appreciation for archeology from school, visiting some ruins left by the Aztecs. They were fascinated by how much they could learn about a culture, thousands of years later, simply by the things left behind.

They decided to join Starfleet in the hopes of seeing more of the universe than just Earth.

Starfleet Academy Edit

Sorell did make friends at the Academy like he'd hoped. He met Aliyah Swanton, and her older brother Hans Swanton, Aliyah pursuing the Command track and Hans intending to become a pilot. Aliyah later switched to Engineering after an incident that nearly got her kicked out, and Hans quit the Academy after deciding it wasn't for him. He instead studied chemistry to become a curator at the Pendleton Institute.

Sorell started out studying xenolinguistics, but finding it exhausting, and despising so much time spent indoors, switched to their real passion - archeology. They excelled in their studies, learning molecular analysis, carbon dating, history, mythology, geology, xenoanthropology, etc.

Starfleet Career Edit

On their first mission, their shuttle was nearly destroyed by a passing meteor, and everyone on it was convinced death had come. But, their friend Aliyah told the rest of the team to breach the plasma ducts, and together they created a crude piloting system to navigate the shuttle into the comm range of a Starfleet vessel. This inspired Sorell's belief that there was nothing in the universe too broken to be fixed or worked around.

Their previous post before coming to Tahnna'Whanna was Outpost Jemison, which was on a very small moon in an asteroid belt. It was in a well-known part of space, but heavy comm interference and a dead Klingon minefield in the area make it difficult to acess. They were studying early Klingon expansion.



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