Located in the Qvarne System and capital of the Unified Qvarne Sector,  Qvarne IV is a sprawling ecumenopolis.  12,512 kilometers in equatorial diameter, Qvarne IV orbits relatively far from ** its small sun|, varying from 177 to 281 million kilometers, and thus does not have a climate that suits any one particular species (although this inconvenience was rectified by technological means and the vast heat generated by the multi-level cityscape). There are 25.2 hours in a Qvarni day, and 361.13 days in a Qvarni year.  The planet's residents are known as the Qvarnii, and the estimated population is approximately POPULATION.

From space, Qvarne IV's luminosity is slightly dimmed by the planet's hazy cloud cover. The planet's weather patterns are affected by the stratosphere-piercing buildings that cover the planet's surface. Inside the tallest buildings, enormous differences of temperature and air pressure from top to bottom produce unusual and unpredictable microclimates.  As such, Qvarne IV has its own weather control system.

Qvarne IV's surface is defined by its urban sprawl which is called Lusankya City.  The dense city blocks have been built on top of each with lowest being Level 1 and the highest reaching to Level XXXX. At its highest level, Lusankya City's skyscrapers have been built with many reaching 11,000 meters into the atmosphere, with sleek, transparent aluminum edifices standing next to older duracrete structures.  Lusankya City is divided into sectors named by designated coordinates.   Sectors are further divided into zones for various purposes such as political, financial, or industrial.  Some sectors, however, also were called by unofficial names.

The Constitutional Civic District is the center of political activity on the planet as it was home to both the Directorate Building, seat of the oligarchical Directorate, and Embassy Row where the ambassadors from various **NATIONS** held their embassies. It served as the main district for government buildings and institutions **Bureaucracy Hall**, as well as **NIFTY ADDRESS**; a massive residential tower home to the most powerful on Qvarne IV.

The planet's skylanes direct the air-traffic of **hovercars** via auto-navigation system that moved the **hovercars** along preprogrammed routes.  As such crashes were extremely rare.  Qvarne IV's Lusankya City housed numerous governmental offices and inter-galactic headquarters in its winding depths.