Tahnna'Whanna Sector Wikia


Situated on Tahnna'Whanna IV, on the very edge of Federation territory, Outpost Phoenix serves many roles that aid Federation and Starfleet interests such as communications relay, diplomatic mission, exploration support, science & research centre, and trade hub.  It is currently under the command of Commodore Kaveh Arzie.

The Outpost is located in the Northern hemisphere of Tahnna'Whanna IV, at the mouth of the Skajacwadah River which flows into Lake Erielhonan.

As of Stardate 201710.30, the Outpost is slowly becoming a bustling thorp. All scheduled Starfleet-constructed buildings (Operations, Facilities Management, Personnel Residences, Science Campus, and Landing Facilities) have been completed.

Currently there are 94 Starfleet crewmembers attached to Outpost Phoenix, not including the Starfleet Corps of Engineers currently assigned to the construction effort. 162 civilians also have homes and businesses at Outpost Phoenix.



Level Four: Main Operations, Captain's Ready Room, Operations Conference Room, Operations Transporter Pad
Level Three: Land Office, JAG Office, Commercial Development Office, Transporter Room 5 & 6,
Level Two: Sheriff's (CSEC) Office, Brig, Transporter Rooms 3 & 4,
Level One: Galleria

Facilities Management:

Science Campus:

Central Core: Astro Sciences
Level Four: Physical Sciences
Level Three: Chemical Sciences
Level Two: Life Sciences
Level One: Medical Sciences
Sub-Level One: Planetary Sciences

Personnel Residences:

Landing Pad:


Two Runabouts

  • USS Niagara
  • USS Kiamichi

Two Type-9A Cargo Shuttles

  • USS Black Rock
  • USS Irondequoit

Three Type-8 Personnel Shuttles

  • USS Holly Amos
  • USS Sho'shoni
  • USS Sito

Two Type-15 Shuttlepods

  • USS Bova
  • USS Kircher

Two Type-18 Shuttlepods

  • USS Hines
  • USS Grieco


The Tahnna'Whanna System was first explored on Stardate 200612.04 by USS Hine-Tu-Whenua on a scientific mission to observe the Galactic Barrier.

On 201204.23, USS L'Sek was directed to perform a survey of the Tahnna'Whanna System with focus on the Class-M fourth planet. USS L'Sek completed it's mission on Stardate 201210.25 and returned to Federation space.

Over the next three years, Starfleet Command debated extending its communication and deep space exploration network. On Stardate 201509.21, construction of a Starfleet Outpost on Tahnna'Whanna IV was approved. On Stardate 201603.01. construction was begun on the outpost.

Captain Kaveh Arzie took command of Outpost Phoenix on Stardate 201609.29, just prior to it's commissioning.


On Stardate 201809.07, the crew discovered that an alien structure they had recovered and brought back to the Tahnna'Whanna System was, in fact, an Einstein-Rosen Bridge generator with it's terminus in the Maskawk.  36 hours later, the USS Lexington travelled through the device and encountered a star system within the Maskawk.  Shortly after arriving, a Starfleet IFF signal began transmitting to the Lexington.  The crew followed the signal, which led them to a heavily-damaged and derelict Springfield-Class starship.  Upon investigation, the crew of the Lexington discovered that the starship was the first USS Lothlorien.