OPX Attendance PolicyEdit

General AbsencesEdit

Crewmembers are NOT required to contact Host Staff if they are going to be late or miss a sim. However, it would be both courteous and appreciated it if they did. Cremembers can e-mail either the CO and/or XO (preferably e-mail both). Just remember to keep the comms open!

Consecutive AbsencesEdit

Without CommunicationEdit

If a Crewmember misses 4 sims without any communication, they may be dropped from the roster (Crewmembers will be put on MIA status after the first 2 weeks). Crewmembers who have served Outpost Phoenix consistently for a longer time will be given more leeway (in general up to 8 weeks) but are expected to communicate with the Host Team as soon as possible.

Crewmembers will receive an e-mail from the Commanding Officer or Executive Officer if they are removed from the ship roster. (The obvious exception is when an email address is bad.)

If the Crewmember who had been dropped from the roster wishes to come back, they will be welcome to do so, however with a drop of rank. If the time that the officer has been dropped exceeds 180 days, that officer will be reduced to Ensign.

With CommunicationEdit

If a Crewmember writes logs but always misses the sim, Host and Crewmembers will have to work out some other arrangement since the live sim is integral to the game. If a Crewmember misses 8 sims even while writing logs, though, they may still be dropped. That crewmember should consider an LOA (see below).

Not A Known User (NAKU)Edit

If an e-mail address becomes unexpectedly unreachable, the crewmember will have two weeks to contact the CO and/or XO before they may be dropped from the roster.

Leave of Absence (LOA)Edit

If a Crewmember is aware ahead of time that they will be missing several sims, they have the option of taking a Leave of Absence. Host Staff understands that sometimes things come up. A Leave of Absence allows a Crewmember to leave for a period of time and return with the same rank and position.

Types of LOA'sEdit

   Standard LOA - up to 2 months (60 days)
   Extended LOA - up to 6 months (180 days) - MUST BE APPROVED BY HOST STAFF!


   Crew members must inform the CO and/or XO of any LOA prior to taking it.
   Extended LOA's must be approved by the CO or XO.