Tahnna'Whanna Sector Wikia
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Physical Appearance []

Species: Human  

Gender: Male  

Age: 25 to 30    Height: 181 - 188 cm  

Eyes: Green  

Hair: Brown, Short, High taper  

Skin: Caucasian  

Distinct Features: Head: 3-inch long horizontal scar below left eye  

Body: Japanese and Celtic tattoos on torso, upper arms (no lower than elbows) and on thighs (no lower that kneecaps)  

Build/Posture: Muscular  

Vocal Quality: Scratchy tenor 

Early Life[]

Noah Masterson was born in Armstrong City, Luna to Christopher (Father) and Nicole Masterson (Mother). Chris Masterson was assigned to Starbase 84 as Executive Officer. When Noah was 8 years of age, Star Base 84 experienced a Romulan attack. Nicole Masterson was killed in the initial attack by falling debris and Chris Masterson was later killed while leading a small group of Starfleet personnel tasked with repelling a Romulan Boarding Party. Noah, being treated for burns in the Sickbay, was evacuated to Starbase 234 without knowing the fate of his parents. Not having any other living relatives, Noah was deemed a Ward of The Federation and placed in an Orphanage on Earth. From here he was adopted by a Japanese couple, Ichiro and Shinobu Hisakawa. For the next several years, the Hisakawas did little more than attend to Noah. Ichiro, a theoretical physicist, took a research position with the Daystrom Institute and Shinobu, a civilian xenolinguist working for Starfleet, began working from the home on Hokkaido.  To better facilitate working from home, Ichiro built a laboratory addition on the family home with the help of 10-year-old Noah. Instantly, Ichiro and Shinobu saw that Noah had a natural talent for all things mechanical. He regularly got scolded for disassembling things around the house to see how they worked. Most of the time, he was able to reassemble the device in question but on the occasion that he wasn’t able to, his adopted Father or Mother would use the incident as an educational opportunity. In an effort to combat depression and melancholy brought on by the lingering memory of his parents’ deaths, Ichiro enrolled Noah in Kendo and Shotokan Karate lessons. He excelled at both, achieving renshi roku-dan status in Kendo. As a teenager, Noah began studying Iaido (non-combative swordsmanship) and Kyudo (traditional Japanese archery). His Kyudo studies led him to his life-long hobby of archery. This was supplemented by daily language lessons administered by Shinobu. Eventually, Noah became fluent in Japanese and written and spoken Andorian.  For his 16th birthday, Noah was taken to Starfleet Headquarters in San Francisco. It was here that he learned the details of his birth parents’ demises from an officer, Commander Rich Donaldson, who had served with and been saved by Chris Masterson.     The Hisakawas and Commander Donaldson then took Noah to the Academy campus for a tour. Commander Donaldson made it a point to take Noah through the Engineering section. This act cemented Noah’s future. For the next two years, Noah worked harder than ever to ensure he got an appointment to the Academy.  Once he was accepted to the Starfleet Academy, Noah declared his major as Engineering. He also studied Tactical Analysis, Turn-of-the-Millennium Technology as well as Basic Relativistic Mechanics. He graduated in the top quarter of his class and was commissioned as an Ensign. His first posting is to Outpost Phoenix on Bersallis III. 

Life at Outpost Phoenix []

Ensign Masterson was thrust into the crucible, so to speak, since day one. Masterson’s first day aboard OPX was one of terror and panic. For unknown reasons, the core of Bersallis III had stopped rotating. This, in turn, caused the weather patterns to become unpredictable and unstable, the magnetic field of the planet almost collapsed and the planet began to destroy itself. Masterson, despite being assigned to the Operations division of OPX, jumped into the fray in Engineering. Before long, the crisis was averted and there was the promise of life returning to a degree of normality. Noah, without anyone’s knowledge or permission, began attempting to decrypt a series of isolinear chips that he and Commander Ramirez, Chief Engineer, had discovered. Each chip had a small, burned-out section that Ramirez and Masterson suspected contained information about what caused ‘The Events’. However, before Noah could make any significant progress in decrypting the chips, Starfleet Intelligence showed up with a mission for Masterson and his OPX crew to carry out. After this mission, Masterson was assigned to the Operations Division of OPX and soon made a name for himself. He eventually reached the post of Chief of Operations despite two Gorn incursions, the near-destruction of the USS Helios (Masterson commanding) and a slew of "strange" happenings on Bersalis III.

Masterson’s next duty assignment was aboard Starbase Everest as the Chief of Operations. He barely had time to settle in before Starfleet Operations recalled him to Bersalis III because of a near-extinction level event that occurred on the planet. He was posted to Operations and shortly thereafter posted as Chief of Operations. During this time, Captain Kaveh Arzie became the Commanding Officer of Outpost Phoenix. Masterson assisted in the Change of Command duties and retained his posting as Chief of Operations.

Starfleet Operations, cognizant of the predations occurring throughout the Zed Lapis sector, formed the Anti-Pirate Interdiction Task Force and personnel from Outpost Phoenix played a significant role. The USS Helios was used in operations during this time and Masterson served as Operations officer as well as Tactical Officer while aboard her. Additionally, Masterson served as Tactical/ Operations aboard USS Bowie during this time. It was also during this time that Starfleet Command issued orders for OPX to relocate to TahannaWhanna IV in the TahannaWhanna sector and that as part of the relocation, OPX would be joined crew from the newly decommissioned USS Lexington. Masterson, being the second most senior officer, was posted as Acting Executive Officer just after the move to TW IV.

Since arriving on OPX, Masterson has accepted the posting as Executive Officer. He assisted in outfitting an old Aerie-class freighter as the new(ish) USS Lexington, improving the weapons compliment as well as the scientific capabilities of the vessel. Since the initial outfitting, several refits and rebuilds have happened, causing Masterson to relinquish his posting as Chief of Operations in order to assume the post of Chief Engineer.

Most recently, Masterson came under scrutiny for his actions during a mission. It was alleged that Masterson violated the Prime Directive in order to gain assistance from a society not familiar with warp technology. A trial of sorts took place on TW IV (with no clear verdict being rendered) and Masterson has since resumed his postings.    

Duty Assignments[]

Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth

  • Major Course of Study: Engineering
  • Minor Course(s) of Study: Tactical Analysis, Turn-of-the-Millennium technology, Basic Relativistic Mechanics
  • Graduated in the top ¼ of class
  • Commissioned as Ensign with duty aboard Outpost Phoenix, Bersallis III 

Outpost Phoenix, Bersallis III, Bersallis System

  • Assigned to Operations Department; Seconded to Engineering Department (SD: 201403.27) 
  • Promoted to Lieutenant (JG) SD: 201405.18
  • Selected for Starfleet Intelligence mission; confidential Letter of Commendation in Personnel File. 
  • Returned to duty as Operations Officer, Outpost Phoenix 
  • Promoted to Lieutenant SD: 201408.23 
  • Posted as Chief of Operations SD: 201411.09 
  • Transferred to Starbase Everest; posted as Chief Of Operations SD:201505.27

Starbase Everest

  • Promoted to First Lieutenant SD: 201505.31 
  • Recalled to Outpost Phoenix, in the wake of the viral outbreak and destruction on Bersallis III, SD: 201510.18

Outpost Phoenix, Bersallis III, Bersallis System

  • Resumed Post as Chief Operations Officer SD: 201510.18
  • Participated in Anti-Piracy Inderdiction Task Force, Zed Lapis Sector Command as Operations Officer, USS Helios, and Operations/Tactical Officer, USS Bowie
  • Returned to OPX and Resumed Post as Chief Operations Officer

Outpost Phoenix, TahannaWhanna IV, TahannaWhanna Sector

  • Assisted in Relocation Operations for Outpost Phoenix to TahannaWhanna Sector
  • Promoted to Lieutenant Commander 201610.06
  • Posted as Acting Executive Officer, OPX 201610.06
  • Promoted to Commander and posted as Executive Officer: 201711.05
  • Promoted to Captain 201902.28