Tahnna'Whanna Sector Wikia

Name: Arzie, Kaveh

Species: Catullan

Rank: Commodore

Serial Number: RSF-95304682542-O

Position: Commanding Officer, Outpost Phoenix

Sex: Male

Born: SD 97308.04

Homeplanet: Cendo Prae

Height: 185 cm

Weight: 82.35 kg

Eye Colour: Purple

Hair Colour: Cyan

Current Post: Outpost Phoenix, Tahnna'Whanna IV

Current Position: Commanding Officer

Languages Spoken:

  • Atleciac
  • Catullan
  • Mycian
  • Romulan
  • Trill
  • Stralebic
  • Vulcan


Kaveh Arzie was born on Stardate 97308.04 on Cendo Prae. The last of four children of a family of minor nobles, Arzie took an early interest in the sciences. With limited potential for noble responsibilities, his parents had him apprenticed to noted scientist, polymath, and member of the Royal Atlecian Academy for Improving Natural Knowledge, Atam Eson, at the age of ten. Arzie spent the next ten years under the tutelage of his mentor before completing his apprenticeship and becoming a Journeyman Scientist.

As was customary, Arzie embarked on a 'Grand Tour,' studying with various scientists and at sundry institutions, including the Trill Science Academy, the Daystrom Institute, and the Society for the Advancement of Science on Ghedak Prime. Over the next nine years, Arzie extensively studied both the Galactic Barrier and the underlying theories of an emerging field: Dimensional Science. On Stardate 200105.02, Arzie successfully defended his dissertation postulating the existence of pocket realities existing parallel to our own before the Royal Atlecian Academy for Improving Natural Knowledge and was declared a Master of the Sciences.

Initially, Arzie had hoped to win a research position with the exclusive Kayores Institute on the ecumenopolitical world of Qvarne IV. The Institute thanked Arzie for his application, but observed that he had no practical experience, and so rejected his admission.

Undaunted, Arzie determined that a stint in Starfleet would provide him with ample and varied practical experiences. He traveled to Starbase 117 where the nearest Starfleet Recruitment Centre was located. Upon interview, Arzie was told that his education and background qualified him for Officer Candidate School. Arzie agreed, and two weeks later he arrived at Camp Hamminger on Tellar Prime on Stardate 200109.03.


Completing OCS a year later, Arzie was commissioned as a Lieutenant and posted to USS Kahomovailahi, an aging Oberth-class tasked with mapping the eddies in the Madyron Particles in the Loscano Star Cluster for six months.

Following the mapping mission, USS Kahomovailahi departed from the Loscano Star Cluster to perform a detailed survey of Baroq II, a planet in the Tanaia Sector. Over the next 18 months, Arzie helped to chart the caverns of this unique world which, although was a Class-K world on the surface, contained a Class-M environment in the extensive underground caverns, and held a diverse assortment of subterranean biomes with a rich diversity of flora and fauna.

While studying Baroq II, Arzie also found time to take and pass the Branch Officer's Exam, as well as publishing a paper on the nature of the Galactic Barrier – still unbreached by manned vessels of any known domestic race. The former earned him a promotion to Lieutenant Commander, the later a transfer USS Zahavat following USS Kahomovailahi's return to Sol and subsequent decommissioning.

Aboard USS Zahavat, Arzie was posted as as Chief Science Officer on its seven-year deep space mission from Deep Space 3, headed towards the Gamma Quadrant. This mission gave Arzie the opportunity to make First Contact with three species: the Obroa-ski, the Senodians, and the Tyrinians. Arzie was also credited with the discovery of a quantum wormhole and a Class-I Gas Supergiant inside a dark matter nebula. While on board, Arzie also took and passed the Bridge Officer's Exam, and was promoted to Commander. Arzie also used the extended mission to further hypothesize upon and test his Dimensional Science theories

While on board USS Zahavat, Arzie submitted his request to attend Starfleet Exocultural School on Izar. Upon Zahavat's return, he received orders to proceed to Izar where he would serve on Detached Duty as he completed curricula in First Contact, Survey Team Operations, and Survey Team Field Studies. While on detached duty, he also was accepted to Starfleet Command School, graduating with Class 06-2388. He was promoted to Commander and given his next assignment.

His next assignment was like nothing Arzie had done before. He was assigned a two-year integrated observation of the pre-industrial, barely agricultural Class-B race on Myce IV. Arzie had many adventures among the Mycians that are detailed in another volume.

Upon debriefing from Myce IV, Arzie learned his next posting. Arzie was then posted as Executive Officer on board USS Ticonderoga on it's 6 month mission to provide relief and infrastructure repair to the Romulan colony of ch'Nahir. The time at ch'Nahir offered Arzie the opportunity to become acquainted with the local Romulans colonists. He found time to spend off-duty hours on-planet, where he became acquainted with a Romulan Botanist by the name of Faest ir-Ahnteri'o t'Olann.

En route to Starbase 35 following the mission, tragedy struck as Ticonderoga suffered a catastrophic containment failure and was destroyed. An inquiry determined that the failure was intentionally caused by a Hekaran terrorist serving as an engineer aboard Ticonderoga. It was 17 days until his escape pod was picked up.

Returning to Earth, Arzie was placed on Leave of Absence while the JAG conducted an inquiry in Ticonderoga's destruction. Several weeks following this inquiry, he was assigned to Starbase 11 as adjunct to Admiral Ryan Williams, a position he served in for the next 18 months.

On Stardate 201603.08, Arzie received his fourth pip and new transfer orders from Starfleet Command to report to Bersallis III where he was to take command of Outpost Phoenix. He arrived on Stardate 201604.03 and took command. Shortly thereafter, Arzie was sent to Berengeria VII to attend Starfleet Colonization School. Upon his return trip to Bersallis on Stardate 201608.13, Arzie learned that Outpost Phoenix was to be transferred to the Federation Colonization Bureau effective Stardate 201611.20.

Following a blast of unknown origin occurring on Bersallis III, Captain Arzie, along with his Chief of Operations and one of his Science Officers, was reassigned to the newly commissioned Starfleet outpost on Tahnna'Whanna IV.

On Stardate 201703.04, Arzie filed a claim with the Federation Land Office on Tahnna'Wahnna IV and received a title to five square kilometres of land on the Lake Southeast of the Outpost. He finished construction of his estate, which he named Shavi Rok’i, roughly four weeks later.

On Stardate 201712.18, USS Lexington, an Aerie-class starship, was assigned to Outpost Phoenix. Following its repair and refit by Outpost personnel, Captain Arzie took the vessel on a shakedown cruise. On Stardate 201701.07. the vessel made First Contact with the Baal Vaar, a seemingly xenophobic species who claim the Binyah System as their territory. The First Contact was less than positive, however, as a Baal Vaar boarding party attempted to seize control of the vessel. Fortunately the crew was able to force the Baal Vaar to withdraw and fled. Lexington, however found itself in an area of space which the locals refer to as the 'Maskawk,' and region of low-cochrane space in which traditional warp drive effectively does not work. After some modifications by Engineering, the crew was able to dislodge itself and return to Tahnna'Whanna IV.

Roughly a month after the incident in the Binyah System, Captain Arzie and his crew encountered rogue geneticist Dr. Sierran DeCernay after her creations terrorized the Outpost and its crew.

On Stardate 201708.20, Captain Arzie led a mission aboard USS Lexington to deploy a series of sensor buoys in an area of space colloquially known as The Barrens. During the mission, the crew encountered a Type-M8VI red dwarf star with a number of planets orbiting it. The crew investigated the fifth planet, a Class-N world, only to be trapped by a tractor beam coming from a power source a mile under the planet's surface. An Away Team led my Commander Noah Masterson discovered three previously unknown species, the Galvalans, the Lolthene, and the Gorlun, living beneath the surface, apparently having been placed there by another race over two millennia prior.

After several hours, the Away Team was able to escape with the help of the Lolthene, and free the Lexington. After completing the survey mission, Lexington began returning home, only to be caught in a verteron wave front. The wave front carried Lexington over 50 light-years away and blew out the vessel's warp drive. After two days, the Lexington was able to limp within transmission range of a small star cluster from which artificial EM radiation was coming from, with the assistance of the ship's shuttlepod acting as a tow. Upon arrival, Lexington was stopped and boarded by a group of humans led by Matthew Seiling, claiming that the region belonged to the Koan Sodality.


Summer 2018


Several weeks after his rescue from the Wierlee System, orbital scanners detected signs of an artificially-created structure located in the Southern hemisphere. Arzie led the Away Team that discovered and investigated the ruins that were subsequently discovered.

Lothlorien/Maskark/Katery League

On Stardate 201812.16, Arzie was promoted to the rank of Commodore and the USS Lothlorien was officially assigned to Outpost Phoenix pending its refit and overhaul.


  1. Dominating Personality: Type-C
  1. Secondary Personality: Type-B
  1. Least Like Personality: Type-D
  • % for Type-A is 25% - Leader
  • % for Type-B is 26% - Socializer
  • % for Type-C is 30% - Thinker
  • % for Type-D is 19% - Supporter

Important Dates[]

201604.03: Takes Command of Outpost Bersallis III.

201609.20: Outpost Bersallis III transferred to the Federation Colonial Bureau. Arzie embarks for Tahnna'Whanna IV

201609.29: Takes Command of Starfleet Outpost Tahnna'Whanna IV (Operating name 'Phoenix') upon its commissioning.

201712.18: Promoted to Fleet Captain.

201812.16: Promoted to Commodore.


Duty Logs[]

Kaveh Arzie's Duty Logs

Personal Logs[]

Kaveh Arzie's Personnal Logs