Jacques is a male Tellarite tramp freighter captain who trades in and around the Tahnna'Whanna Sector.


Jacques was born on Earth, in the city of Saguenay, Quebec.

First Encounter with Outpost Phoenix CrewEdit

Jacques's vessel was stranded some 10 days out from the Tahnna'Whanna System. Further inspection determined that the cause of the engine failure was particles emanating from the Isotopic Auramite he was carrying interfering with the stability of his warp field. Captain Kaveh Arzie, First Lieutenant Noah Masterson, and Ensign Kajen Pix solved the mystery. Although carrying Isotopic Auramite is illegal within Federation space, Captain Arzie let Jacques go with a warning, realizing that the Tellarite was unaware of the border shift, and being unable to enforce Federation law in a Type-8 shuttle. In return for clemency, Jacques allowed the Starfleet crew to copy selections his computer's library.

The MaskawkEdit

Charges of Ecological DamageEdit

On Stardate 201706.04, it was discovered by Outpost personnel that Jacques had been transporting tribble into the Tahnna'Whanna Sector despite trade restriction on the organisms throughout Federation space. His ship was located in a remote area of Tahnna'Whanna IV after orbital satellites noticed a 785 kilometer zone of defoliated area. As soon as the tribbles were discovered, Jacques ran to his ship and managed to escape before he could be pursued by Starfleet security. As of Stardate 201706.04, Jacques has an all-points bulletin placed on him by Starfleet Security in relation to indictment for a Class-A Environmental Misdemeanor.

SS MirzabaEdit

Jacques captains a TYPE/CLASS freighter, the SS Mirzaba.

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