The Daystrom Institute, also known as the Daystrom Research Institute, Daystrom Institute of Technology and Daystrom Technological Institute was a Federation establishment. The Institute was named after Doctor Richard Daystrom, who invented the duotronic computer and attempted unsuccessfully to create the first multitronic computer. The institute employed both Starfleet personnel and civilians who were scientific and research specialists in their field of study. The institute was divided into divisions (for example, the Cybernetics Division or the Archeological Division).

History Edit

The Institute published two periodicals, the Journal of Daystrom Institute and the Daystrom Institute Journal.

The Institute had several colleges including the Daystrom Institute of Technology, located on Mars.

Commander Bruce Maddox held the Associate Chair of Robotics at the Daystrom Technological Institute in the mid 24th century.

There was a Daystrom annex on Galor IV, which was affiliated with Starfleet Research and Development. In 2366, Vice Admiral Anthony Haftel was assigned there.