The Catullans were a humanoid species native to the planet Cendo Prae. They appeared to have had the ability to perform a nerve pinch similar to that employed by Vulcans, but it involved pressing the thumbs against the sides of the victim's neck below the ears.


  • Proper Name: Catullan
  • Pronunciation: ka TULL an

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As a race, Catullans tend to warm skin tones, from pale gold through a rich peach. Blushing, tanning, and sunburn can alter skin tone temporarily, although these reactions may be hard to detect in some cases. Hair colour ranges from a near-snowy-white to a variety of pastels.

Society & CultureEdit

Catullans tend to be a fiercely independent and proud people.

While the Catullan society is democratic, the feudal traditions of marking their foreheads, and cheeks with pastel markings to symbolize lineage persists into the modern era. These traditions have given rise to a cultural interest in genealogy and history, and many Catullans cherish relics from the past such as jewelry which connected them to their noble ancestors or helmets that belonged to a great hero of a bygone age.



Governmental power among the Catullans rests with ## Nahas, the heads of the major tribes of Cendo Prae. Some tribes select their Nahas democratically, while others allow the current Naha to choose their successor from among their immediate relatives. In yet other tribes, the Nahaship passes to the oldest child upon the death of the current Naha.

The Naha owes their tribe service and patronage, just as their tribe owes them fealty and respect. Nahas sponsor artistic and athletic contests, keep the tribe safe from hunger, disease, and emergency; as well as serves as the model of Catullan tradition.

The Catullan chief executive is known as the Nu'pio, and is elected for seven-year terms. They are chosen at the every seven years at the annual Free Fair. Their primary duty is to determine allocation of energy, plan for flooding and other disasters, and handles any other planetary affairs. The Nu'pio also resolves disputes between tribes and sets policy at the system-level.

The Nu'pio is advised by the Council of Nahas. The Council is comprised of the Naha from each major tribe, and serves as the primary legislative and administrative body.

Food and DrinkEdit

Tipatu: A tangy, rich Catullan liquor made from the fermented rind of unripe minar fruit; small, green citrus-like pods that grow on bushes in sandy soil. Replicated tipatu is more likely to be clear, indicating its origin, unlike naturally-aged tipatu, which will have tiny flecks from rind and seeds accidentally included in the pressing. Hoifong is considered a premium label.

Like most other Catullan products and cultural references, indeed, like Catullans themselves, Tipatu is relatively rare outside Cendo Ipraem.

Entertainment and LeisureEdit

Heiva: Heiva is the planet's most popular organized team sport; it is a hybrid of gymnastics and keep-away. The game developed from sailors trying to keep control of a skin of tipatu while at sea, tossing it from sailor to sailor while moving around a ship.

The modern game is played instead on sand. Poles with crossbeams sticking out replace the masts; they provide perches for players to swing out of reach of their opponents, and gain height before passing the tipatu container, known as a kuvha, to their teammates. They can gain points for impressive maneuvers on the masts. The kuvha is now constructed of a more resilient polymer than its original leather, but it is still kept exactly half-full of liquid, in order to make its trajectory more difficult to control.

Economy and TechnologyEdit