Starfleet Training Base Hamminger, coloquially reffered to as Camp Hamminger, is one of the primary Starfleet Operations facilities in the Federation Core.  During its 223 years established on the approximately 200 square kilometres of land it occupies along the Northern bank of the Wazu River in the foothills of the Dagosta Mountains on Tellar Prime, Camp Hamminger has been a training site for Enlisted Starfleet personnel.  The camp also provides functional support for the overall Starfleet mission including the provision of personnel administration, facilities, logistics, safety, public information, legal, training, administration, morale, welfare and recreation support for sundry Starfleet organizations.

In 2174, Starfleet Camp Hamminger, named after the Earth Starfleet Admiral Zamo Hamminger whose logistics management went a long way towards winning the Earth-Romulan War, was established on the land currently occupied by today's Base.  Barracks personnel consisted of 91 enlisted men and four officers. As technology grew and expanded, so did Camp Hamminger.  Thousands of Starfleet personnel were trained at Camp Haminger, and by 2190, the Starfleet Enlisted Schools were founded.  These schools eventually developed into today's Starfleet Enlistee Training Centre, where most Starfleet enlistees begin their careers and many officers keep up with their primary military education.

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Starfleet Recruiting Command

Officer Candidates School

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