Berengaria VII (also known as Berengaria) was the inhabited seventh planet of the Berengarius system. Classified as M Class, this Federation planet had no indigenous intelligent life, but possessed a flourishing ecosystem including a species of dragon-like flying reptiles.

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Circa 2104, a Vulcan science vessel surveyed Berengaria VII, describing its dragon-like creatures as over two hundred meters in length and breathing fire. In December 2154, Berengaria VII was to be scouted by the Starfleet ship, USS Enterprise as the site of the first in a proposed series of starbases. However, an incident with an Orion trader postponed or canceled this mission.

As of late 2373, on the eve of the Dominion War, Berengaria's strategic importance for the Federation was on par with worlds like Andor, Vulcan, and Earth.