Tahnna'Whanna Sector Wikia

The Baal Vaar are en enigmatic race native to the Binyah System.

First Contact with them was made on Stardate 201701.08 by USS Lexington.

Baal Vaar vessels are significantly inferior to Starfleet vessels in performance, but not in weaponry.  The Baal Vaar became a source of irritation for Federation and Neutral vessels approaching the Tahnna'Whanna System for trade, refuel, and repairs. Facility SPACESTATIONNAME was towed to Tahnna'Whanna IV in part to help defend against their predations.

On Stardate 201902.17, a Bolian freighter was attacked by a pack of Baal Vaar ships. USS Lexington was dispatched to defend the freighter.

Their physiology has not been observed as members of the race have always been clad in a body-covering power-armour during all Contact Events.